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Online Helicopter Auction
1991 Eurocopter France AS350BA
January 18-25, 2017

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1991 Eurocopter France AS350BA
1991 Eurocopter France AS350BA
1991 Eurocopter France AS350BA
Auction Details
Terms & Conditions:
It is the buyer's responsibility to understand and comply with the complete Terms & Conditions of the sale.
Email us at generalproperty@cwsams.com or call 855-463-3183.
Auction Starts & Ends:
Wednesday, January 18 @ 11am - Wednesday, January 25 @ 11am EDT*
Preview Date:
Monday, January 23 from 9am - Noon (local time)
Preview Location:
McCreary Aviation | 2400 South 10th St. | McAllen, TX 78505 | POC: Tony Prats @ 956-686-1774
Create Account:
New customers must create an account to bid.
Bid Deposit:

A $10,000 (U.S. funds only) bid deposit by credit card authorization is required to bid.

Please click here to download the credit card authorization form. Once completed, please fax or email the form: Fax: 571-303-1403 or Email: generalproperty@cwsams.com. Once the deposit form is received and approved, an email confirmation will be sent.

Items that have an established reserve will be notated in the bidding page with "Reserve Not Met" until the reserve price has been obtained. Once the reserve price is reached, "Reserve Met" will be displayed on the bidding page. Following the close of the auction, the government may still approve the high bid achieved if the reserve price is not met. The high bidder will be notified via email or phone within 2 business day following the close of sale if the high bid not meeting reserve is accepted by the government.
Final Payment:
All items must be paid in full within 48 hours (2 business days) from time the bid approval email is sent by bank wire or cashier’s check only. Cashier’s checks are made payable to CWS Marketing Group, Inc. See terms of sale for submission details. For lots that do not meet reserve, and the bid is approved after the sale, the Buyer will have 48 hours from the time notification is sent to make final payment.
Title Documents:

Aircraft: Buyers will receive clear title via a FAA Bill of Sale, AC Form 8050-2. Buyer will be provided the Bill of Sale along with the Court Order and/or Declaration of Forfeiture (When applicable). It will take up to 21 days for title to be delivered to Buyer. For information on Title Documents please contact CWS at wires@cwsams.com, or by calling (855) 463-3183 option 3.


Removal must be completed on or before the 7th business day from the sale closing date. Removal is by appointment only and should be made by the Buyer with the storage vendor only after Buyer has received the necessary Property Release Document. Please see Removal Details for complete removal information.

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AOL Users: If you use AOL and experience problems, connect as you normally would, launch another browser (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox), then access the auction again.

Technical Assistance:
Contact us at service@cwsmarketing.com with any technical questions about the online bidding process. AECOM and CWS Marketing Group accepts no responsibility for loss of connectivity, technical difficulties, or any other circumstances beyond our control.