FAQs - Treasury Online Auctions

Below are answers to common questions for U.S. Treasury online auctions. If you have any other questions, feel free to email us at generalproperty@cwsams.com or call 855-463-3183.

Register to Bid
How do I register to bid?
Go to Register and create an account.

Note: Your username will appear on the bidding screen, some bidders do not want their company or personal name to be known therefore, select another username.

How do I change my username?
If you would like another username, please Login to your account and click on Update Registration. Enter a new username and hit the Update button.

I forgot my password, what should I do?
If you have forgotten your password, please go to Forgot Password and enter your username and email address. An email will be sent to you to reset your password.

Can I watch an auction online without registering to bid?
Yes, anyone can view the bidding online when the auction is active.

Attend Preview
How do I inspect items before bidding?
Bidders may attend a preview prior to the auction to physically inspect merchandise. Please check the preview schedule for the sale you are interested.

Read the Terms
What are the terms of the sale?
Auctions are subject to our terms and conditions. These cover matters like payment, removal, and other contract terms. Please see the sale you are interested for the specific terms.

Submit Bid Deposit
How do I submit a bid deposit?
To qualify to bid you must submit a refundable, credit card bid deposit as specified for each sale. Credit cards used for online auction deposits will be an authorization only and will be used for bidder identity verification. Please see the auction details for the sale you are interested for bid deposit requirements.

Place a Bid
How do I place a bid?
To bid on an auction item, you need to Login by entering your username and password. After login you may place either your Bid Amount or an Auto Bid.

What is an Auto Bid?
The Auto Bid feature allows a bidder to place a maximum bid on an item and it will automatically increase the bid by one bid increment when outbid by another bidder. Where two or more Auto Bids have the same maximum (equal to or greater than any single bid), the earliest Auto Bid will be the "winning bid".

How do I keep track of my bids?
You may keep track of your bid amounts and the current highest bid for each lot you are actively bidding. You need to Login and click on Your Account.

What is my Watchlist?
The watchlist feature lets you keep a close eye on any lot without having to place a bid on it. You must log in to see this link. Go to the lot you are interested and click on "Add this item to my watch list". To view these lots click on Your Watchlist.

How do I know when I have been outbid?
If you have been outbid you will receive an email named "You have been outbid". The email will contain the lot number and the current high bid. If you still want the item, simply click on the link in the email, login and place your bid. You also may view the Bid History on the Lot Detail page by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

What is auction overtime?
Overtime bidding occurs automatically when a bid is placed within the last 3 minutes of an auction.
• Auction extension time is (3mins)
• Auction time remaining before extension is (3mins).

Example: Auction is scheduled to close at 2:00 pm. If a bid is placed within the "time remaining" period i.e. between 1:57 and 2:00 say 1:58, the new end time will be 3mins from that, i.e. 2:01. If another person bids (between 2:01-2:03), the end time will be extended again for 3 mins from when the person placed the bid. The lot will only end when no one bids during the last 3 mins of the end date/time.

How do I update my registration information?
To update your registration please Login to your account and click on Update Registration.

Win the Bid!
How do I know if I have won a bid?
You will receive an email stating you are a winning bidder. You may also login to Your Bidding History to see the list of lots you have won.

If I am a winning bidder, what happens after the auction closes?
You will receive an email with payment instructions after the auction closes.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cashier's checks (payable to CWS Marketing Group, Inc.) and bank wire transfer only for final payment. U.S. funds only. Personal or business checks, bank letters, credit or debit cards, or letters of credit are not accepted.

What is the next step after I make payment?
Once funds are received, title work and sale documents will be executed utilizing the buyer's registration information and sent to the buyer via a DocuSign email to have all copies signed. The buyer has 24 hours to return all documents to CWS via email. Any delay in returning documentation will result in a delay in the buyer being able to pick-up property and original title documents being sent to buyer.

Will I receive a clear title on vehicles?
YES! You will receive a clear title with no liens. Title will be conveyed via the below documents and will take up to 7-10 days from CWS's receipt of Buyers signed paperwork for vehicle sales, and up to 21 days for vessel and aircraft sales to be sent to Buyer.

  • Vehicle Title: Buyers will receive a clear title via a government Form SF-97 (Certificate to Obtain Title) which they will take to their local Dept. of Motor Vehicles to obtain the title to the vehicle.
  • Vessel Bill of Sale: Buyers will receive a clear title via a Coast Guard Bill of Sale for vessels and a SF-97 for boat trailers (if included).
  • Aircraft: Buyers will receive clear title via a FAA Bill of Sale, AC Form 8050-2. Buyer will be provided the Bill of Sale along with the Court Order and/or Declaration of Forfeiture (When applicable).

Please note, NO plates or temporary tags will be issued. It is the responsibility of the buyer to secure those or to get a transporter to pick up the vehicle. If this can't be done, the buyer will need to arrange further storage with the vendor until he receives his SF-97 and titles the vehicle.

When can I pickup my car?
Removal must be completed on or before the 7th business day from the sale closing date (for Domestic property/merchandise), and the 60th calendar day from the date of sale (for Export Only property/merchandise). Removal is by appointment only and should be made by the Buyer with the storage vendor only after Buyer has received the necessary Property Release Document.

How do I remove "export only" cars?
For export only cars, they will only be release to a bonded courier with a completed 7512 form which shows details of the export (port, shipping info, destination, etc). Car will go directly from the storage vendor to the port, no exceptions.

Applicable Taxes:
All purchasers are responsible for the payment of any and all applicable taxes imposed by any state, country, county, or political subdivision.

The Purchasers may be required to pay such taxes to the cashiers at time of sale or to tax officials after purchase is made. If sales taxes are required, presentation of proof of payment will be required prior to property release.

Technical Issues
What are the recommended browsers?
We recommend using one of the following browsers:
Internet Explorer (IE) versions 6,7,8 and above
Firefox 3 and above
Safari 4 and above
Google Chrome 4 and above
Opera 10 and above

Note: If you use AOL and experience problems, connect as you normally would, launch another browser (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox), then access the auction again.